Add COLOUR to your label printing!

Add COLOUR to your label printing!

Break free from dull black and white labels! With the new Epson ColorWorks C6xxx Series you now help your customers create more effective labels and show how passionate they are about their business.

ColorWorks C6xxx Series

  • Print labels in various widths, up to 21 cm
  • Full-colour images and company logos
  • Intuitively operable 2.7″ display
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS/iOS, SAP
  • Driver for label software
  • Choice of integrated cutter or peeler

The four new ColorWorks C6000Ae, C6000Pe, C6500Ae and C6500Pe colour label printers extend the existing ColorWorks product line. They take enterprise label printing to the next level, resulting in more effective labels and enhanced brand recognition. 

Support for media widths up to 8″

The label printers support a variety of formats, materials and label sizes. While the ColorWorks models C6000Ae and C6000Pe process media widths up to 4″, the C6500Ae and C6500Pe models handle large media widths up to 8″.

Astounding image quality

The new Epson ColorWorks C6xxx Series produces glossy, matt and structured labels from 25 mm up to 21.5 cm – with an excellent resolution of up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi and fast, up to 119.5 mm/sec.! This makes them ideal for printing attractive colour product labels and highly visible location or warning labels.

Brand enhancement with colours and logos

Another benefit of using colour labels: your customers enhance their brand easily and cost-effectively without having to adapt their network or compromise on print quality. Thanks to modern ink cartridges with Ultrachrome DL pigment inks, labels printed on the C6xxx Series are highly durable and make for a long-lasting effect.

A genuine user’s friend

Epson has equipped the C6xxx Series with a 2.7″ display for intuitive operation. Up to date, the C6000Pe and C6500Pe models of the C6xxx Series are the only inkjet printers to be equipped with an integrated peeler that automatically removes the backing paper of self-adhesive labels.

Seamless integration

The C6xxx Series is compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS/iOS operating systems, plus SAP – making it easy to integrate the printer into an existing system. Your customers working with professional label software, too, will be glad to learn that the ColorWorks C6xxx Series supports ESC/Label, BarTender, CodeSoft and NiceLabel. 

Help make your customers’ labels stand out in the future – order the Epson ColorWorks C6xxx Series now from your sales representative!