Increase warehouse performance with Zebra’s top products!

Increase warehouse performance with Zebra’s top products!

Your customers’ warehouse staff give their all every day – so present them the perfect warehouse partners from Zebra!

Zebra offers your customers a broad range of powerful, robust and helpful warehouse products for more productivity. With the RS5100 ring scanner, the HD4000 display glasses and the WT6000 high-performance wearable mobile computer, we introduce you to a particularly powerful  trio. Together, they ensure more productivity at work!

RS5100 – extremely practical

  • 1D/2D Bluetooth ring scanner with OCR recognition
  • Lightweight with just 70 grams; IP65-certified
  • Powerful 480 mAh battery; optionally enhanced 735 mAh battery

The robust Bluetooth ring scanner Zebra RS5100 may be worn either on your customers’ right or left hand. Plus, thanks to its PRZM technology and a powerful megapixel sensor, it captures 1D and 2D barcodes and OCR in nearly any condition and with a clear good scan confirmation after each scan.

Present your customers the perfect partners for the demanding work in warehousing and place your order now with your sales representative!

HD4000 – extremely lightweight

  • Lightweight OLED display glasses with a real-time field of view
  • IP67-certified; does not require additional wearing parts, such as batteries
  • Consumption of less than 1 watt

The display glasses Zebra HD4000 offer your warehouse customers all-day wearing comfort. Via a USB cable you connect it to a Zebra host mobile computer (WT6000, TC7X or TC5X) and thereby access the battery, processor and WLAN. With a consumption of less than 1 watt it hardly has any effect on the mobile device.

WT6000 – super handy

  • Ergonomic Android host mobile terminal for your wrist
  • Transforms old terminal emulations into touch applications
  • Robust housing (IP65) and scratch-proof display

Your customers comfortably attach the handy Android host mobile terminal Zebra WT6000 to their wrist or hip and operate it easily via its 3.2″ multi-touch display. Thanks to an integrated powerful 3,350 mAh lithium-ion battery it enjoys long operation time. Plus, it is the ideal support as a host for the RS5100 and HD4000.